Production Photo, Scenic Design,
Southern Virginia University, 2006

-Dancing at Lughnasa-

Southern Virginia University

Production Credits:


Southern Virginia University Theatre, Buena Vista, Virginia

Director: David Dwyer

Set Designer: David Dwyer

Lighting Designer: David Dwyer

Costume Designer: Amaree Cluff

Perspective Rendering, Mixed Media,
12 x 16

White Model, 1/4 = 10,

Lighting Detail, Tableau Moment at the opening and closing of the show,
Southern Virginia University, 2006

The set. . . was of a quality that I have seen at small regional theatres or universities with professional staff and/or graduate students responsible for construction. The fact that this magnificent set was built by undergraduate students at a small university with fewer than 800 students is an extraordinary achievement.

- From the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Adjudication