Tartuffe, Production Photo, Scenic Design,
LiveArts Theatre


LiveArts Theatre

Production Credits:


LiveArts Theatre, Charlottesville, Virginia

Director: Betsy Tucker

Set Designer: David Dwyer

Lighting Designer: Chris Baumer

Costume Designer: Trish Emlet and Amy Goffman

“It is no accident that David Dwyer’s set design for Tartuffe incorporates dramatic, gilded picture frames that stretch from the stage to the Live Arts balcony. Like the title character of Molière’s play, the frames are attractive on the outside and empty on the inside. They are bloated, eye-grabbing symbols of hypocrisy, so it makes sense that Tartuffe should gesticulate in their figurative shadow. “

- Winstar Watts Murry,  “False piety goes down easy in Tartuffe “
C-ville News and Arts, May 18, 2009.



White Model , 1/4” = 1’-0”