Production Photo, Scenic Design,
The Irish Classical Theatre Company, 2015

-After Miss Julie*-

The Irish Classical Theatre Company

Production Credits:


The Irish Classical Theatre Company, Buffalo, New York

Director: Fortunato Pezzimenti

Set Designer: David Dwyer

Lighting Designer: Brian Cavanagh


*Nominated for a 2015 Arte Award in Scenic Design

Sketchup Rendering, Scenic Design,
The Irish Classical Theatre Company, 2015

“David Dwyer’s set removes the Andrew’ southern fourth wall of seats and replaces with it a simple, convincing set that used to stop you in your tracks at Studio Arena. This stage has never felt bigger, and yet with more things. His hanging pendant lights, utilized breathlessly in Brian Cavanagh’s Design, are some of the fine details that italicize this largely exquisite production. “

-Ben Siegel
“A juicy ‘Miss Julie” turns up the heat in Andrews Theatre” 
The Buffalo News, April 23, 2015

Set Designer David Dwyer, has converted the arena setting of the Andrews Theatre into a deep thrust in order to lend the space the more traditional feel, compatible with a naturalistic piece. He has devised a grand and convincing kitchen, the perpetual off-stage life of a privileged family we never see—except through the unwelcome visitation of Miss Julie.  “

- Anthony Chase
“Strindberg Redux”
Artvoice, March 5, 2015