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-King Lear-

Shakespeare in Delaware Park

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Shakespeare in Delaware Park, Buffalo, New York..

Director: Steve Vaughn

Set Designer: David Dwyer

Lighting Designer: Emma Schimminger

Costume Designer:  Ken Shaw

King Lear Sketch, Scenic Design,
Shakespeare in Delaware Park, 2018

“Vaughn set the play in a placeless place and a timeless time of ritual and tribalism, where no metal exists and the manmade world consists only of wood, stone and sun-bleached bones of animals long ago dispatched. Set designer David Dwyer has brought this vision to life with a wonderfully organic set, replete with raw wood fencing, decorative barren trees with spindly branches and structures of great logs and rough-edged stone. “   -

Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News, June 22, 2018.