-Scenic Designer


The Irish Classical Theatre Company

Production Credits:


The Irish Classical Theatre Company

Director: Fortunato Pezzementi

Set Designer: David Dwyer

Lighting Designer: Brian Cavanagh

Costume Designer:

Copyright © 2017 by David Dwyer

Finished Set, Scenic Design,
The Irish Classical Theatre Company, 2016

Working Model, Scenic Design,
The Irish Classical Theatre Company, 2016

Where the production shines brightest through the gloom is in its haunting design, featuring graceful human-horse hybrids that act out the boy's self-devised rituals according to Gerry Trentham's excellent choreography. David Dwyer's set, with a floor of wooden planks and a floating crown of jagged boards suggesting the outline of a stable, blurs beautifully the boundaries between Martin's dank office and his patient's tortured memory. By Colin Dabkowski “Despite creaks, Irish Classical's 'Equus' remains jarring” The Buffalo News, October 29, 2016


“Oliver's imaginative staging was complemented by David Dwyer's highly effective turntable set.” -Michael Rabice, Stellar Cast Delves in Drama of "Equus" broadwayworld.com



“David Dwyer’s staging is very realistic with rough wooden planks that you might find in part of a stable, and in the middle a large turntable which helps when presenting theater in the round.” -Peter Hall,   “Strong cast revives EQUUS”  Buffallo Rising.